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The New biz on the block!

Bring together several guys with over 50 years of combined, hard earned experience in the music business. Let them talk about how to use music to inspire people and change lives. Give them the vision to operate across all cultural, musical and geographic boundaries and the outcome is Crosova. With a range of skills from Design, Manufacture, Distribution, A&R, Artist Management and Event Promotion plus plain old good business sense the result is a wholly professional team aiming for a new standard of excellence and a creative, out of the box approach. Now open the door to some fresh new musical talent, help develop it at every level until a standard is reached that can challenge the very best and the scene is set for the Crosova Experience.

Back to the future

They say that we can learn a lot from history but sometimes it takes people with a history to create history by producing something totally fresh and new. That's Crosova! History can trap us in the past and make us resistant to change so we've stepped back into the past and tapped into our many, many years of collective knowledge and experience of the music business. The result is a big new vision for the future. We want to make a difference by being different. In a fast changing world we don't just want to keep up but move ahead. We want to make history not be history. Will you Crosova and join us on the journey?

It's Showtime!

Yep! There's nothing like a great show and we can deliver. If you like music that is! 'It's easy when you know how ' the old saying goes and we do. With years of experience in the music business we can take care of every detail for you from finding the right artist through to making sure it will all be 'alright on the night'! We turn expertise into excitement and artistry into applause. We want all seats full but everyone on their feet and after the encores a rush to the stage not for the door.

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