Love Juice

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A few words about me.

Like most creative minds, Torishe spent her quiet moments penning her inspirations in the form of lyrics or art. This quickly became recognised by her primary school, who encouraged this expressive forms of art in various forms such as sending her to represent the school on shows such as Saturday Disney and also school choirs.Throughout her teenage years, she amassed a collection of songs and rap lyrics that would one day have her believe she to had something to contribute to the wonderful world of music.

It was Tapps Bandawe of the former TnT Xplosive (Scored numerous top ten hits with bands such as Blazin Squad) that gave Torishe the break she was longing for and that was to take the songs and share with other artists.

Following this professional opportunity she continued to song-write and manage a range of artists crossing different genres of music such as gospel. Upon receipt of her talent, Torishe started to also express her vocal abilities that was once confined to her local church choir and being the guest entertainment at weddings.

2012 became the year that made a difference. Torishe consciously made the decision to combine both skills and share her message and passion through songs. The demo release of RHRN was critically successful, opening doors for her to support Kele le Roc with her relaunch show as a solo act. Many shows alike followed, increasing her appetite to sing not just song-write.

Moving forward into 2013, 'Love Juice' was developed to be the first major single. It was chosen as the song that would best express her witty writing skills, her strong vocal ability and also her beliefs and passions.

'I truly believe now is the time to let people know what I've been hiding for a while! I truly want to express my gratitude to all my friends, family and colleagues who encouraged me to do this. I enjoy what I do and hope that others will to'. (Torishe, 2013).

Released 2013