Empire Nation


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A few words about them.

Empire Nation was born in 2009 after first meeting to play at a worship event. The band are made up of Ed, Sam, Sam and Sam (no, it�s not a typo � they really are all called Sam). They are a group of friends who are passionate about living for God in every way, and this lifestyle fuels their music.

Their sound and style is classically British, an irresistible mix of rock beats and catchy melodies; high-energy, solid rock-worship that leads the audience into a deeper inspiration of faith and motivation to live for God. Their second album �Closer� was released in May 2012, following on from their award-winning debut album �Airtight�.

The boys bring a sense of humour and humility to everything that they do, living to serve others through their music and their ministry.

Released October 2012
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