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A few words about me.

Musician and recording artist Ian Copeland Green has known the high and lows of the international music industry. From working with international stars such as Madonna and Justin Timberlake to a lifestyle of drink and drugs and drink and a brush with death after ending up in a coma in hospital for three weeks with blood poisoning.

Ian left school at the age of 15 to follow his dream of a musical career. He first found success playing bass and guitar with reggae artist Maxi Priest, including several Top of the Pops appearances. He also toured the world for four months playing with Bananarama

He decided to make the move into music production and had a top ten hit with London Beat, Ian met soul singer Kenny Thomas and produced his best-selling album Voices. Ian had hit the big time and began writing and producing for many top acts across the UK including Brand New Heavies, Midnight at the Oasis and You've Got a Friend.

But a lifestyle of drink, drugs and continual parties did not sit well with Ian who was also fed up with the cut-throat nature of the music industry.In the back of his mind he was never comfortable with the music industry lifestyle and, although Ian was never brought up in the church, often while on tour he would ask God for forgiveness for taking drugs.

“I always believed that there was a God, I just never knew about Jesus,” said Ian, who began talking to his mother-in-law about the Christian faith.

He started having many dreams about going to hell. “The end dream ended with me seeing Jesus himself and I cried out to him to save me,” said Ian. “He walked up to me touched on the shoulder and said you will be alright my son! .When I awoke I knew I had met Jesus.”

It wasn't long after that, that Ian became a Christian. “Everything in my life was being shaken, torn down and rebuilt,” said Ian. “I was delivered of drugs, smoking and drinking .I will never forget the feeling of being washed and all my sins being forgiven.”

In April 2001, Ian was praying when he felt God saying that there was great trouble ahead but that he would deliver him.

Three weeks later he started getting painful boils all over his body, one of which turned septic causing him to contract blood poisoning and ending up in hospital for 7-8 weeks with 90% organ failure, collapsed lungs, jaundice, double pneumonia and other complications.

“The Devil threw all he had at me, but God Almighty gave me a new set of lungs and I made a full recovery,” said Ian. “When I came out of a coma after three weeks I knew that I must sing and preach the gospel.”

Ian began writing and recording songs and waiting on God to open the doors. In 2003, he began working with top DJ Paul Oakenfold as a producer, engineer and composer. This connection has led to Ian working with Madonna, The Matrix, Britney Spears, JLO, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5 and Michael Jackson.

Ian has worked on various movie soundtracks, written music for a Hummer commercial, produced music for Bourne Conspiracy computer game.

He is also a leading member of the worship team at Rhema Church in London and has written and produced an album called Awesome God, with pastor Martin Phelps.

Ian says: “My work is all about bringing people into contact with God and letting them know God has a plan for them and that they are not an accident or forgotten - that they can reach their dreams with integrity.”

Released October 2012 & July 2014
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